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Windows Phone 8 Apps Tutorial

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Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 15 Sep 2014

Working with windows phone emulator became easy and interactive, if you know your PC keyboard shortcuts for emulator. By default, your PC keyboard is not enabled for working with phone emulator and you have to operate it by using the emulator control keys only.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 26 Sep 2016

Most Windows Phone apps display data to user by using controls, from business object or a collection of business objects such as a list of contact numbers, news headlines, or images. These controls contain data by using data binding. In this article, I would like to share the different types of data binding for windows phone



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 26 Sep 2016

I am assuming that you have already installed windows phone sdk 8.0 to your system and also done Windows Phone 8 Emulator Configuration. Now let's start with basic Windows Phone App template with C# & XAML. Now create a new windows phone project with in your Visual Studio 2012 as shown below:



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 15 Sep 2014

Playing with keyboard shortcuts is very interesting and reduce the head-ache of using mouse again and again while operating Windows Phone Emulator. Windows phone emulator has a list of keyboard shortcuts that is great to know.



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 26 Sep 2016

Windows Phone Emulator is a desktop based application that emulates a Windows Phone device. It provides you a virtual environment in which you can deploy, debug and test your Windows Phone apps without a physical device (windows phone).



Author : Shailendra Chauhan
updated on 15 Sep 2014

Windows Phone SDK 8.0 provides a number of new and updated features to window phone developers like as native gaming development, a phone-specific version of the Windows Runtime, and a new kernel. This article helps you to take a quick look at all the new APIs and capabilities in the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK.



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